The BVL - Newcomer Award 2019 goes to Logsta!

Logistics is our life! So when we were nominated for the Newcomer Award of the Austrian Logistics Association, our eyes lit up and our hands began to sweat. After all, the prize is awarded by Austria's most experienced logistics entrepreneurs and, what's more, via public voting. But right after that, Logsta Power was flowing through our veins again and we could hardly contain our motivation.

This is how we do it

On the last day of the annual Logistics Dialogue, the time had come. Those who had not already formed an opinion at our stand the day before were convinced by the performance of our managing director Georg on stage. And this time, he didn't even hang up! He delivered.

In the short pitch, Georg explained how Logsta is revolutionising the logistics industry: By means of modern IT processes, personal service that rocks and the Logsta guarantee: no commitment, no minimum volume, no fixed costs, no bullshit! Mikedrop!

This convinced the experts present and Logsta was able to prevail over the other two colleagues with 62 percent of the votes.

Thank you!

We therefore say thank you to all our supporters, customers and friends - our business can be quite tough, but thanks to you we are always full of power!

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