Four key points for global cross-border brands to spread widely in China

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Chinese brands are enthusiastically going abroad, and global cross-border marketplace and service providers are also grasping the opportunities of making business in China.

But the natural barriers brought by cross-cultural communication, as well as differences in aesthetics, thinking and consumer behavior, lead to encounter barriers everywhere when they enter the Chinese market to carry out investment actions.

If you are also worried about how to introduce your group to huge Chinese markets? You may be able to get the the answers from the following points:


1. Consumer Insights

Brands should incorporate localized elements, and need to analyze the media and market environment of China. It will not only help brands to precisely explore the market, but also to promote your brands in a way that is more relevant to the local consumer market.

2. Identify the communication content

Communication is not only the straightforward output of the brand in media, what you need to do is to tell a good story while combining with current hot spots. To leave a deep impression of the brand to merchants, can help them understand and accept the brand from their hearts.

3. Media channel select

The choice of media is very important, and the commercial delivery of media is the key point to get wide communication effect. After determining the audience, the brand information will be spread through the media that can touch your target merchants.

4. Forms of promotion

Through soft implantation, around the marketplace, brand story, service highlight and so on, to fully display your service or brand, to create a more personalized report, to catch the eye of the target merchants.


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