Logsta ist Born Global Champion

During the WKO’s "3 Hours of Innovation", Logsta was awarded this prestigious prize for our tireless efforts in the logistics world!

Together with other successful startups from different industries, Logsta was also awarded the Born Global Champions Award!

We are very honored and excited about this award from the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, which we would like to dedicate especially to our now 1150+ customers around the world, for whom every single one of our more than 120 rockstars in the team gives their best every day.

President of the WKO Dr. Harald Mahrer & Logsta Co-Founder Georg Weiß

"The Born Global Champions Award is not only meant to be a recognition for exceptional performance, but also to serve as an inspiration for future exporters."...
Günther Schabhüttl, Head of the Innovation Group at AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA.

It is exactly this international orientation of a "Born Global Champion" which has been driving us forward since our foundation in 2017. In a highly globalized world economy, comprehensive logistics networks play a crucial role. For this reason, and only after just a few short years, Logsta is already operating in 8 locations, 6 countries and 3 continentsAnd with our newest fulfilment center in Malaysia, we will soon open up the Southeast Asian market for our clients as well. In addition, the rapidly growing e-commerce business requires modern, digital solutions - which we cover exceptionally well with our innovative Logsta Connector.

"We believe that logistics should be feasible and affordable for every company."
- The Logsta founders: Dominik Bieringer, Georg Weiß and Christoph Glatzl

We see this award as an additional incentive and confirmation of our vision to offer fair logistics solutions to every company, and to help them grow together with us!

Keep on rockin‘!

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