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Outsourcing your logistics is a big but also a very important milestone for every entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs are hesitant to take that step, but honestly, every minute you spend packing and shipping your goods yourself will probably cost you one or two customers. Or might cause 1- 3 wrinkles*.

*Not yet scientifically proven, but do you really want to risk it?

Many start-ups and SMEs store their products in their own homes for far too long. Of course, money is tight in the beginning and you want to do a lot of things yourself. But if you spend more time bringing your products from your production site to your home and you slowly lose track of what you have in stock, it might be time to think about an alternative.

You don't have to. With Logsta, you only pay for the storage space that is actually occupied with your products. We are looking at you!

If the answer is that you can hardly say exactly how much time you spend on it, then it is probably already too much time.

Transports cost good money. Often too much money. Far too much money. Money that you may not have yet. In addition, the price comparison also costs you a lot of time. Time you may not have at all. We can also help you here and find out for you how you can save transport costs.

Amazon, Ebay,...infinite spaces, infinite possibilities, infinite untapped sales potential. Offering your product on external platforms and marketplaces can be a game changer for you. We help you navigating through the platform jungle and take care of the listing of your products as well as the account creation, account maintenance, optimal presentation of your products and of course the connection of these platforms to your logistics system.

Whether by air or sea - we make sure that you always get the best conditions on the market. But that's not all: Customs regulations can be quite tricky and can possibly bring you into legal turmoil. To prevent this from happening, we will be happy to advise you here.