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We love to create individual logistics standards for you

Free interfaces
No minimum storage
worldwide shipping
free web app

As unique as your products

We adapt our fulfilment services to your individual needs: Order picking, packaging, returns processing and shipping all over the world. You only pay for the services you need. Deal?

Free interfaces

Did we mention that all the standard interfaces to your webshop-system and your shipping partners are free of charge? No? Well, now you know.

No minimum storage

We promise you: no minimum storage volume, no matter whether your products are palletized or must be stored on our shelves. We create the optimal storage area for you.

Worldwide shipping

No matter whether air freight, sea freight or by truck: Our transport partners make the impossible possible for us - and soon also for you.

Order picking

We make sure your customers get exactly what they expect. Our sophisticated IT-system always shows us the shortest routes in our warehouse and helps us to compile your orders as quickly as possible.

Logsta Connector

Our free web app Logsta Connector allows you to control all our logistics services from anywhere and 24/7.

Returns management

In live you rarely get back what you give. But if you do, we will take care of it, evaluate the products according to the conditions in which they were returned, update your stock and inform you about the arrival and condition of the returns.

You receive orders outside your webshop?

No problem. With our free web app Logsta Connector, you can enter orders yourself.

No matter whether it is a special shipment for an influencer or blogger or a shipment to a B2B-customer. Just enter your order and we'll take care of it. We like to stay flexible, you too right?