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IT - Services

You can control and track all of our services with our free IT-services.

Free webshop interface
Real-time inventory
# Let Logsta ship three of your Starter Packs
curl \
 -H "Authorization: $TOKEN" \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{
    "name":"Hr. Logsta",
    "street":"Elbestraße 2",
    "city":"Mühldorf am Inn",
    "name":"Starter Pack"
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available integrations

EASY - We take care of all necessary IT-solutions

We take care of the integration of ALL webshop systems and shipping services. Whether your system is already one of our standard integrations or not, we will integrate your system into ours.

FREE - Free Integration of your system

Our IT-team takes care of the rapid integration of your e-commerce system. This service is part of our free e-commerce IT-package.

FAST: Integration within minutes

The faster your webshop is connected to our IT, the faster we can deliver your orders to your customers. The standard webshop systems can be integrated within minutes into our system.

SMART: Usability first!

Almost all of our logistics services can be easily controlled via our free Web-APP Logsta Connector or API. Controlling your logistics is as easy as checking your emails.

Logsta Connector

With our free web app Logsta Connector, you always have real-time insights into your stocks, enter orders manually and much more. You can control your logistics from your office, your home or anywhere you like.

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Logsta Services can also be controlled via our JSON REST API. This enables you to integrate our Logsta IT-Services directly into your company and processes.

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