Sustainable Logistics

How can the logistics industry be made more sustainable and what does green logistics actually mean? Find out everything about sustainable logistics!

The biggest e-commerce fulfillment trends in 2022

Let's take a look into the future: These are the most important trends in fulfillment and e-commerce logistics in 2022!

5 tips for your e-commerce logistics this holiday season

With our 5 tips, you'll learn how to best prepare your e-commerce business for the Christmas rush.

E-fufilment makes online commerce much simpler

Our logistics experts explain exactly what e-fulfillment means and how it simplifies e-commerce. Learn more on our blog!

E-commerce logistics in the age of Corona

We highlight the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce business and how the fulfilment industry is contributing.

Logsta is Born Global Champion

During the WKO’s 3 Hours of Innovation, Logsta was awarded this prestigious prize for our tireless efforts in the logistics world.

What does fulfillment mean

We explain what exactly fulfillment has to do with logistics and what it actually means. Learn more on our logistics blog.

Malaysia - here we come! Logsta expands to Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian country is perfectly suited as a location for the expansion of our global logistics network.

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