The biggest e-commerce fulfillment trends in 2022

The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly, with online retail sales increasing year on year and more and more stores selling their products digitally. The pandemic of store closures and contact restrictions has further fueled this trend. All of this has a direct impact on global logistics - with fulfillment providers as a one-stop shop when it comes to handling the rising volume of packages.

So let's dare to take a look into the future! These are the most important logistics and fulfillment trends:

Customer Journey

As people increasingly store online, it's important to set up a technical infrastructure that can capture and track all user experiences on a web store. Of course, everything must be done anonymously and in compliance with data protection laws: from the first click on the website, through product selection, optimization of the ordering process, to e-mail marketing.

This also includes the automatic sending of tracking data when parcels are shipped or the collection of reviews across all platforms. Only when the effectiveness of a web store is measured can various adjusting screws be turned to enable the best possible shopping experience. 

International logistics

One of the biggest trends in fulfillment is internationalization. Even for smaller companies, it is now completely worthwhile to tap into larger markets and sell their products across borders and in various international locations. This is made possible by extensive web store solutions and, above all, globally operating fulfillment centers - with their extensive logistics networks, these allow uncomplicated cross-border trade.


Digitalization has long since reached the fulfillment industry. Innovative logistics management tools like our Logsta Connector make it easier than ever to effectively manage all logistics processes. Because the processes in an eFulfillment center are software-based, they can be easily scaled up. This helps manage seasonal peaks and extensive marketing campaigns, and allow  companies to remain competitive and focus on their core business.

Real-time tracking

Nowadays, people are used to being able to access up-to-the-second information. Fulfillment customers in particular put great importance on having transparent insight into warehouse operations at all times in order to be up to date. Logistics management tools such as our Logsta Connector fulfill exactly this purpose by clearly preparing all important data and passing it on automatically: From order status, stock levels and returns to parcel tracking, which customers can use to track their deliveries.

Broadening supplier base

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, delivery problems have become increasingly frequent. This may be, for example, because entire factories have had to close temporarily, and because demand for certain products has significantly outsized supply. This has led to bottlenecks and lost sales for many web stores, which can be avoided by diversifying suppliers or process partners.

This is why it is important to have contingency plans at the ready and to be generally more broadly positioned in order to be prepared for delivery failures, and also applies to the choice of shipping service providers and warehouse locations. Fulfillment centers are also able to respond quickly and effectively to such circumstances thanks to their distinctive logistics network


A growing trend in fulfillment over the years has been customization:

Corporate-style branded packages and creative add-on content are an effective way to enhance the customer's shopping experience. These add a personal touch to the order and make you stand out from the uniform package crowd. There are various ways to enhance packages, such as through the type of packaging and shipping boxes, the use of custom tapes and packing paper, personalised stickers, flyers and much more! 

We would be happy to give your packages that certain special ‘something’ and offer various packages for you - just get in touch!


Corona dominates the headlines and has pushed pollution and global warming a bit to the back pages of the news. However, countries, cities and companies all over the planet have declared their commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and must implement strict goals to protect our planet. Similarly, consumers are placing ever greater value on options that are as sustainable as possible, such as plastic-free packaging, recycled paper as a filler, and CO2-neutral shipping. This topic is probably the biggest challenge of our time, and will play an ever weightier role in fulfillment in future. 

The world keeps turning and no stone is left unturned for long. At Logsta, we are never satisfied with the status quo, but always strive to question and improve all fulfillment processes.

Any questions? Write to us, without any obligation.

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