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The most important Peak Season days in E-Commerce 2023

All the top-selling dates of the Peak Season 2023 in a nutshell. Find all information about the most important time of the year for online retailers here!

Black Friday 2023: Logistics tips for your online shop

Find out what Black Friday and Cyberweek 2023 are and how you can best prepare your e-commerce logistics for this high-turnover period in online retailing!

7 big fulfillment trends in e-commerce 2023

These are the 7 biggest trends in the e-commerce logistics and fulfillment industry in 2023! Discover more on our blog!

E-commerce logistics in the age of Corona

We highlight the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce business and how the fulfilment industry is contributing.

Logsta is Born Global Champion

During the WKO’s 3 Hours of Innovation, Logsta was awarded this prestigious prize for our tireless efforts in the logistics world.

Malaysia - here we come! Logsta expands to Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian country is perfectly suited as a location for the expansion of our global logistics network.