What does fulfillment mean

We are a fulfillment company - and super proud of it! It's just that many people don't know what this actually means - so let us clarify.

Fulfillment is a logistics term that includes all processes that take place after an order has been placed, on an online shop for example. This includes order acceptance, storage, packaging and shipping, as well as the returns processing of a company's products.

Fulfillment providers like Logsta are also often associated with terms like all-in-one logistics provider or fulfillment centre, and our offer is usually called e-commerce fulfillment or simply e-fulfillment.

What is the purpose of fulfillment providers?

Simply put, we take care of all your logistics needs - from the moment you receive your order, through your webshop, to your customer's doorstep. This way you can focus only on selling your products, and we will take care of the rest - in an automated and super easy way. We also don't care how big your company is - Logsta was founded in 2017 precisely to make affordable logistics available for every company, regardless of its size, completely transparently, and without any hidden costs.

>> That's the Logsta guarantee!


So, did you know what fulfillment is? If so, then you belong to a select group of logistics insiders! When we explain what we do, we usually get responses like "Oh, so you're a freight forwarder" or even just "logistician" - but this only applies to us to a limited extent, because forwarding agents usually focus only on the transport of goods, and that is only one part of our broad range of logistics services. Our great passion is outsourcing your logistics in order to make your life easier on the one hand, and to get your products delivered to your customers quickly and easily on the other.

Oh, and have we already mentioned what makes this run so smoothly?

The magic word here is: Logsta Connector!

This is our self-developed, innovative logistics management tool, that allows you to view and control all fulfillment processes from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone! Everyone speaks about innovation, but we actually put it into practice by developing the Logsta Connector further every day by our IT department! Our software is designed to be super clear and easy to understand, so you don't need to be a computer expert to manage your logistics professionally.

With just a few clicks, you can see all the relevant data and always stay up to date.


We connect your webshop to our system in no time at all, and then you're ready to go: As soon as an order arrives, everything is set in motion at the location where your goods are stored, the package is picked and packed according to your wishes, and shipped immediately. We even take care of the returns management! The cool thing about it is, that you always have 100% control over all processes, can see the stock of goods around the clock, can view all orders, track deliveries and much, much more!

Here is an example that we can use to better describe how we map the entire logistics process for our clients, so that they can concentrate on their core business, namely marketing and sales - we "fulfill" all logistical dreams, so to speak:

The webshop of ‘Austrian Rockstar Fashion’ is doing very well, and their team wants to ship more and more hip clothes all over the world. Now they need support with their sheer volume of orders; this is where Logsta comes in! We sort the goods professionally in one of our warehouses, and connect their online shop with our Logsta Connector. As soon as an order comes in, all the next steps are automatically set in motion in the Fulfillment Centre, the products are gathered together, beautifully packed and sent to the end customers. The operators of Austrian Rockstar Fashion can monitor the entire logistics process in the Logsta Connector, and track all orders until delivery.

And that’s it - fulfillment par excellence ;) Any questions?.

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