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Are you ready for a game changer?

Simplify your logistics

Free consulting
returns management
all-in-one Solution
Integration of all shipping services


Fast, safe and inexpensive. Our shipping conditions guarantee you the best deal in the business.

Always the best shipping terms & conditions

Price check & evaluation of your services

Consulting about customs duties & fees


We set new standards. We offer everything you might need to perfect your logistics.

Order picking

Individual packaging & branding

Returns management


We always have something in store for you. Check out our storage space and tell us what you need.

Cold storage

Flexible storage units

Locations in the United States and Europe: currently Germany, Austria, the UK and soon France.


We like to keep things simple. Our IT services are part of the Logsta service and are therefore always free of charge. Pinky promise!

Free interfaces

All services in one Web App: Logsta Connector

Integration of all shipping services


Our transport partners make the impossible possible for us - and soon for you.

air cargo

sea freight

by truck

On-boarding is easy

Simplify your logistics.


Get together: Let's meet to figure out how we can support you.


Start together: You give us access to your webshop system and your products.


Work together: We ship your deliveries and make your customers happy.

Let's rock your logistics!

We'll be happy to get in touch with you to discuss how we can turn your logistics into a game changer.