WooCommerce Webshop Fulfillment

We take care of all the logistics of your WooCommerce shop, flexibly and automatically.

  • Ready-to-use WooCommerce interface
  • Free webshop integration
  • Control everything in one web app

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1. Integrate WooCommerce store

We connect your webshop to our system quickly and for free.

2. Import products

Upload your product data directly to the Logsta Connector.

3. Store and ship

Your products will be stored and orders will be shipped automatically.

360° Fulfillment for WooCommerce Webshops

WooCommerce interface

WooCommerce is the leading wordpress platform to create and run your own online shop.

The existing WooCommerce interface allows you to instantly connect your webshop to the Logsta Connector and upload your product data in a clear and direct way.

You manage your warehouse inventory and your WooCommerce logistics at any moment in our web app, simply and intuitively.

WooCommerce fulfillment made easy

Orders are automatically processed, packed and shipped to your customers in our fulfillment centers. The inventory is kept up to date and tracking data is provided to you and your customers.

With the Logsta Connector, you always have an overview of all your WooCommerce logistics processes.

Technical questions about the WooCommerce interface?

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Your advantages of WooCommerce Fulfillment with LOGSTA

Logsta Guarantee

No fixed costs, no minimum volume, no commitment.

WooCommerce Pro

Our Logsta Connector offers the ideal interface for WooCommerce stores.

Worldwide logistics

Conquer the world with your WoCommerce shop and our international logistics network!

WooCommerce API

Pre-built WooCommerce interface, easy integration and real-time warehouse management.

We know that your WooCommerce store is unique and your fulfillment has specific requirements. That's why we work closely with you to make sure the integration is best suited to your needs. Our main goal is to make your fulfillment as efficient as possible.


  • Integration: 

Smooth integration of your WooCommerce logistics with our fulfillment system means you can rest easy. As soon as customers place an order in your store, we automatically forward it to us. Our dedicated logistics team will take care of picking, packing and reliable shipping of your products. This allows you to fully concentrate on the growth of your business.

  • Inventory:

Another handy feature is real-time tracking of your inventory levels. You receive automatic notifications when a product is running low. This gives you enough time to order supplies. We do everything we can to make sure your customers always get the products they want.

  • Shipping:

We also offer a variety of shipping options to best meet your customers' needs. Whether it's express shipping for quick orders or affordable standard shipping options, we have a variety of solutions available.

  • Returns:

Returns are also handled by our WooCommerce fulfillment service. In case of returns, we take care of the entire process in close communication with you, including updating your inventory.

  • Flexibility:

Our WooCommerce fulfillment is not only extremely convenient, but also cost-efficient. By outsourcing your logistics with us, you can save on warehousing, staffing, and shipping infrastructure costs. You only pay for the fulfillment services you actually use, and your logistics are infinitely scalable to your store's order book.



Rely on our years of experience as a WooCommerce fulfillment provider and benefit from seamless automation of your logistics. Optimize your order fulfillment, increase customer satisfaction and fully focus on growing your WooCommerce business.

Want to learn more about our WooCommerce integrations and fulfillment services? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to assist you:


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Worldwide WooCommerce fulfillment

With our international fulfillment centres, the world is yours.
Our 7 worldwide warehouses guarantee compliance with the highest standards.

Worldwide WooCommerce fulfillment

With our international fulfillment centres, the world is yours.
Our 7 worldwide warehouses guarantee compliance with the highest standards.

Only three steps to your flexible WooCommerce logistics solution...